June 17, 2019
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OUTSOURCING | PTG Trust Administrator is our total outsourcing solution. PTG Trust Administrator offers a wide range of options, including custody of assets and full administrative support by experienced trust administrators at our site. In addition to monitoring each account for automated income collection, trade settlement, scheduled payments, etc., our experienced administrators provide daily transactional processing based upon instructions received from your designated representative.

PTG Trust Administrator uses a multi-level outsourcing solution built around our Core Service Group of software service modules. The Core Service Group of software service modules is designed to provide the minimum trust and estate administration support services necessary for the most basic trust operation to function effectively.

For those trust departments requiring services that go beyond the basic support level offered by the Core Service Group, our Customized Options allow increased flexibility based upon the individual needs of each department. Our Customized Options offer creative service modules and features that can be added or deleted to meet the ever-changing demands of your organization. This increased flexibility allows our experienced administrators to work with your staff to create an optimum solution designed to fit your particular needs.

Whether you select the Core Service Group of software service modules or choose from the list of available Customized Options, your data is recorded and stored in a separate database assigned to your organization. If you utilize our Core Service Group of software service modules we will e-mail or fax daily reports reflecting the previous day’s activity to your office each morning. Alternatively, one of our customized options allows your organization to access your database via a secure Internet connection to review and print reports at your site.

The PTG Trust Administrator is a very attractive option for small trust departments. It eliminates the need for an internal trust administrator or, in some cases, could result in the reassignment of an internal trust administrator to a more cost-effective position such as Client Relations or New Business Officer.

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