June 17, 2019
Interested in joining our Alliance Partner Program
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About The Alliance Partner Program
Private Trust Group of America’s Alliance Program is designed to bring together top talent from all segments of the private trust profession and related support services to create a reservoir of information and resources for the mutual benefit of its members and their respective clients. We strongly believe that we can best serve the interests of our clients by attracting highly talented professional groups, businesses and organizations that complement our services and share our commitment of excellence.

Participation in the Alliance Program will be either as a Preferred Partner or as an Affiliate Member.

Preferred Partners are limited to those professional groups, businesses and organizations that provide complementary services under an exclusive, joint marketing arrangement or service agreement with Private Trust Group of America. Preferred Partners will be allowed to display active web content on our web site and share a direct link from our web site to theirs.

Affiliate Members of the Alliance Program consist of professional groups, businesses and organizations that provide complementary services on a non-exclusive basis. Affiliate Members will be listed alphabetically under group headings representing the services they provide, but will not have an active web site link.

Please contact us for more information about becoming a member of the Alliance Program.

Alliance Partner List

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